Modify information in the commercial register easily and quickly

Do you want to update the information in the commercial register? Now it's easy. Select what you want to update, fill in the new information and we'll take care of the rest.

What is the legal form of the company?
llc Limited liability company (llc)
sole proprietorship Sole proprietorship (Sp)
corp Public limited company (Plc)
Select the information you want to update
Select the information you want to update, create a free account, complete the new information and validate. We take care of the administrative procedures.
What information do you want to change? Price (Notary fees included)
Change company name
330.- CHF
Change the goal
330.- CHF
Change address (other location)
330.- CHF
Change address (same location)
0.- CHF
Increase capital
750.- CHF
Edit people
90.- CHF
Opting-in / Opting-out
330.- CHF
Sell shares
100.- CHF
selected service: 1 Total: 90.-
Information: VAT of 7,7% and CR costs are not included.
Our support is free and responsive
Our support is free and responsive
Our team is available by phone on 058 595 99 99, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
You only pay the most expensive change
You only pay the most expensive change
If you make more than one change you will only be charged for the most expensive change.
The most frequently asked questions about changes to the CR
What our customers say about us

The company NewCo surprised me by the simplicity with which the stages of company creation took place. They were there for my questions, the service was super fast and efficient. Simplified contact by phone and email. I advise them.

Alexa Sigmond
Alexentiel LLC

Super serious team, which really facilitates the steps with the notary, no need to travel. On the other hand, they help to establish comparative estimates with the compulsory insurances. All included in an unbeatable price, service at the top! I unreservedly recommend them.

Anaïs Thomé
ExAct Voyages LLC

The NewCo team and the notary were extremely flexible and patient because our company has a particularity: it is managed by minors, which is not common. They were able to listen to us and draw up the necessary documents. Serious service, in French, and fast. To be recommended with your eyes closed!

Carine Alvera
Facile Ticket LLC

Our advisor was always available to answer our questions and guide us in the process of creating our company. offers a welcome service for all new entrepreneurs who need a helping hand! Good quality/price ratio!

Stéphanie Jacot
Fair & Square LLC

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