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Do you want to update the information in the commercial register? Now it's easy. Select what you want to update, fill in the new information and we'll take care of the rest.

What is the legal form of the company?
llc Limited liability company (llc)
sole proprietorship Sole proprietorship (Sp)
corp Corporation (AG/SA)
Select the information you want to update
Select the information you want to update, create a free account, complete the new information and validate. We take care of the administrative procedures.
What information do you want to change? Price (Notary fees included)
Change company name
420.- CHF
Change the goal
420.- CHF
Change address (other location)
420.- CHF
Change address (same location)
90.- CHF
Increase capital
840.- CHF
Edit people
90.- CHF
Opting-in / Opting-out
420.- CHF
Sell shares
190.- CHF
Information: VAT of 7,7% and CR costs are not included.


The most frequently asked questions about changes to the CR

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