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The process of creating a sole proprietorship

The creation of a sole proprietorship in Switzerland is done in three steps. Among other things, it is necessary to be recognized as self-employed by an OASI fund.

Upon receipt of your request, one of our lawyers will contact you for a free consultation.
After checking the information, we prepare the registration request and our partner notaries legalize your signature.
Once the signatures have been legalized, we transmit your file to the Commercial Registry of your canton.

Advantages of a sole proprietorship

The creation of a sole proprietorship does not require any start-up capital.

Few formalities

The sole proprietorship requires few formalities compared to the LLC or LTD.

No minimum capital

The creation of a sole proprietorship does not require any start-up capital.

No double taxation

There is no double taxation of profits, i.e. income of both the company and the entrepreneur.

Conditions to create a sole proprietorship

Setting up a sole proprietorship requires the least amount of paperwork.

Mention of family name

The name of the sole proprietorship must include the name of the founder.

Registration with the OASI

In order to have his self-employed status recognized, the founder must apply to the OASI.

Work authorization

It is necessary to have a work permit in Switzerland to create a sole proprietorship.

Costs of creating a sole proprietorship

The creation of a sole proprietorship in Switzerland involves various costs. Consulting fees, notary fees (legalization of signature), commercial register fees, etc.

The most popular
Sole Prop Basic
CHF 190.-
Notary fees included
Personalized legal advice
Checking the company name
Formulation of the company's purpose
Registration request
Signature legalization
Entry in the Commercial Register
The most popular
Sole Prop Plus
CHF 290.-
Notary fees included
Everything in Basic, and:
VAT registration
The most popular
Sole Prop Extra
CHF 990.-
Notary fees included
Everything in Plus, and:
Registration to OASI
VAT of 7.7% and Commercial Register fees are not included.

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