Terms of use

Date of last update: October 13, 2023

newco.ch is provided by NewCo Switzerland SA, Rue des Côtes-de-Montbenon 5, 1003 Lausanne, Switzerland.

Any questions? Contact us by phone +41 58 595 99 99 or by e-mail [email protected].

Here is a simple summary of our complete terms of use:

1. Account creation

- Register with accurate information.

- Keep your password secret.

2. Closing your account

- You can close your account at any time.

3. Content on newco.ch

- The content and the rights to the content belong to the owner.

- Report inappropriate content.

4. User content

- You can add your own content, but make sure you have the right to do so.

5. Access to external resources

- You can access external resources, but we are not responsible for their content.

6. Correct use

- Use newco.ch lawfully and respect the rights of others.

7. Software license

- You have a license to use the software, but do not have access to the source code.

8. Terms and conditions of sale

- Some products are subject to a fee. Details are available on newco.ch.

9. Product description

- Product descriptions are subject to change.

- Exact details are provided at the time of purchase.

10. Purchase procedure

- Choose a service and place your order.

11. Methods of payment

- Payment methods are indicated at the time of purchase.

- Payments are handled by third parties.

12. Retention of rights

- You obtain rights to the services after full payment.

13. Delivery

- Paid services will be delivered within the specified period.

14. Liability and indemnity

- Our liability is limited by law.

- You must indemnify us in the event of any breach.

15. No warranty

- The service is provided “as is” and without warranty.

16. Limitation of liability

- Liability is limited by law.

17. Indemnification

- You must indemnify us in the event of a claim.

18. Other Provisions

- We may suspend the Service for maintenance.

- You may not resell the Service.

- See privacy policy on newco.ch.

- Intellectual property rights are protected.

- We may modify these terms.

- We may transfer rights and obligations.

- We are not responsible for external links.

- The applicable law is that of the place of the owner.

- Disputes must be resolved amicably by contacting us.

Please note: This is a simplified summary, and it is important to read the full terms of use to understand all the details. For further details, please contact us at [email protected].