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Set up your LLC in Switzerland quickly with NewCo, and benefit from a special VTC offer from CHF 240.-, including notary fees.

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The procedure of forming a LLC

The formation of a limited liability company in Switzerland is done in three steps. Among other things, you have to open a consignment account and pay a capital of CHF 20'000.

Upon receipt of your request, one of our lawyers will contact you for a free consultation.
After checking the information, we prepare the constitutive documents and our partner notaries authenticate them.
Once the signatures have been legalized, we transmit your file to the Commercial Registry of your canton.

The advantages of forming a LLC

By opting for the legal form of an LLC, the amount of start-up capital required can be minimized.

No personal liability

Liability is limited to the (fully paid-in) share capital.

Relatively small share capital

To establish an LLC, relatively small share capital (CHF 20'000.-) and only one person are required.

Free choice of the company name

The business name can be freely chosen, but the suffix "LLC" must be included.

The requirements to form a LLC

To establish an LLC, one or more natural persons and/or legal entities are required. As with the AG/SA, the formation and operation of a "one-person LLC" is now possible.

Share capital: CHF 20'000.-

A capital of CHF 20'000.- is required for the formation of an LLC (the minimum value of a share in the capital is CHF 100.-).

One director in Switzerland

At least one managing director or one director must be resident in Switzerland.

Unique company name

The company name must be clearly distinguishable from any other company name already registered in Switzerland.

The special offers

The formation of an LLC in Switzerland is associated with various costs. Consultancy fees, notary fees, commercial registry fees, etc. NewCo's prices are the most competitive.

LLC with cash contribution

CHF 240.- CHF 690.-

You form your LLC with a cash contribution of CHF 20'000 on a capital deposit account.

Notary fees included

What is included in the package:

Personalized legal advice
Control of the company name
Formulation of the purpose
Preparation of the bylaws
Notarial deed
Legalization of signature (1)
Registration with the RC
Registration with the insurance
Registration with the VAT

GmbH with contribution in kind

CHF 1'240.- CHF 1'690.-

You form your LLC by contributing a vehicle or other asset used for your business.

Notary and auditor fees included

What is included in the package:

Everything in the package at CHF 240, plus :
Foundation report
Contract of contribution in kind
Certificate of the certified auditor

VAT of 8,1% and CR costs are not included.

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